Sunday, April 01, 2018

Leopard Print Jumper Dress Refash

I have a leopard print dress refash for you today! Rawr!

Look at this little darling!! I LOVE it! This dress makes me think of jumper dresses I wore as a little girl. Complete with a long sleeve shirt and stirrup pants! I wanted to complete the same look with this dress. Maybe minus the stirrup pants...

I started by taking the length from the dress up to the bottom of the lace band. I clearly need more light in my sewing room because I was POSITIVE the thread was black, when clearly you can see in the picture that it is navy. OOPS!

I cut the top of the dress down the middle up to the lace. Then pinned back the flaps to make a v-neck. Sewed that together.

IMG_0862 (2)
Under the v-neck I added 3 black buttons. During most refashions these decorative buttons are removed because they serve no purpose. I decided to add them because I thought it was a nice added detail to this!

Then I added 2 more buttons at the shoulder straps. I thought this would complete my jumper dress look!
A nice little throwback to my childhood :)

Happy Refashioning!!!

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Chickie Walsh said...

That is so cute. I like the shorter length. It looks great layered over the black.