Monday, April 02, 2018

Take A Walk In My Shoes

 I’ve been out of refashioning for awhile as I have been trying my hand at pattern drafting to improve my skills. Hopefully I’ll get to some refashions soon. In the meantime I did paint another pair of shoes and have some more in the works. I wanted a pair of cognac color shoes but needed them to be comfortable. It seems it is almost impossible for me to find something when I am looking for specific pieces. I used leather paint to turn these burgundy flats into the cognac tan that I was searching for and I couldn’t be more thrilled!


Chickie Walsh said...

Those look amazing! Wow! You did a great job.

Queen Of Rods said...

Fantastic refashion! What brand of leather paint did you use, and where did you purchase it?

BeckyMc said...

Fabulous! Tell us all about leather paint! Where to find it, what kind is best, special techniques?