Friday, July 13, 2018

Refashion x 3

I'm honestly not even sure that this qualifies as a refashion.  It is but it isn't.  You see for the past few months i've been working on my SheShed.  I've used old clothes and accessories to make rugs, lighting and all kinds of decor.  I'll be back to sewing soon, but for now it's all SheShed all the time.

Beaded Headband
A few years ago I went through a headband phase where I made tons of headbands.  I really liked this beaded one but it was just too heavy to wear on a regular basis.
My headband phase
We had a big family party and my dress was rather plain, so I removed the beads and added Magnolias!

Adding Magnolias and Hydrangeas

Completed Magnolia Headband
At the party
I LOVE this version of the headband, but it broke during the party.

Removed flowers from the headband
I pulled all of the flowers off the headband.  Using an old tin bucket and a lamp cord, I turned the flowers into a pendant lamp for the She Shed.

Bucket for the light

Lamp cord
The headband became a pendant lamp over my work area.

Work lamp
This was fine.  But then I decided that I didn't like the red.  I wanted an all white light fixture. 
Work Table light
So I removed the red flowers and added more magnolias!

Red Hydrangeas removed

All white pendant light!
Now that it's all white, it's PERFECT!!  I'm crazy in love with this lamp and with my SheShed!

For the bead headband tutorial click HERE.

For the Flower headband tutorial click HERE.

For the Flower Pendant Lamp tutorial , click HERE

For more about the SheShed, visit OneBrownMom!

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Chickie Walsh said...

Oh man, it's like your own club house! How cool. I want a shed too. The lamp is awesome. I like how you kept reusing materials.