Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Split Overskirt

I wasn't sure whether there's an official name for this skirt I refashioned, but I have decided to call it a "split overskirt!" I based it on several dress-over-pants looks I've seen on the red carpet recaps over the past several months.

It started out as a semi-sheer skirt I didn't much care for.

I tried a couple of things with it, including putting a black liner underneath for a little more interest...

...but that wasn't enough interest for me either.

For my next trick, I decided to slit it up the front and wear it over pants! I opened up the back seam, finished the raw edges with a rolled hem, removed the entire skirt from the waistband, and reattached it so that the front 1/4 of the waistband was left open.

Here's how it looked when finished.

I don't know if it will ever be my favorite skirt (I like to think I might enjoy it more over shorts), but in any case, it was a little something different to add flair to my work khakis!

More pics, more process over at my blog post!

--The Unfashionista

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Therese said...

What a great idea! Well done! Will have to copy it....