Saturday, November 03, 2018

Table runner to technicolour trousers

I bought this piece of fabric for next to nothing at a jumble sale about 4 years ago, attracted by the bright colours.

On closer examination it appeared to be 2 table runners sewn together.

Having been auditioned for many projects in the past, it had never made it to the final cut until now.

In the end it was obvious - long piece of fabric = trousers, bright ones!

There wasn't enough to make a whole pair so some denim, which goes with everything, was the other component.

There were issues with the loose weave of the cloth, designed to sit peacefully on a table and be looked at, not the wears and strains of trouser activity.

There were also issues with existing heavy wear in some of the denim which I attempted to tackle with creative embroidery.

In the end these trousers passed the first test of all my clothing, which is comfort, and I decided to wear them with pride.

There are more details and photos here 


Linda Kimberly said...

I love these! My absolutely all time favorite skirt was made from a pair of patio drapes. For whatever reason, your trousers reminded me of my skirt. Love them! Great job!

Chickie WU said...

I love the idea and the material was great too. I can relate to the problems you encountered as you put the pants together. It happens to all of us.
Those pants are worth it though. They are really cool and unique.