Saturday, January 05, 2019

Pretty Green Dress Unhalterneck'ed

I loved the design, the fit, and the colour of this dress, and it was even my size. 
But it had a tight halterneck-like neckline. I hate when something is tight around my neck.

I cut away the strap in the front and hemmed the edges.

In the back I also cut the strap off (I forgot to take a before photo of the back, but it was like the front). I found a pretty piece of ribbon which I buttoned to the existing buttons. It can be replaced as desired.

Much more comfortable around the neck. Now all I need is a party! :-)


Chickie WU said...

Hi Saga, I love this remake. I hate that tight feeling around my neck too. Ugh, it's the worst feeling. This dress is fabulous.

g.satansbraten said...

giggle: when I once found me in a similar position I was NOT as kind as you to those straps.
I replaced them altogether with contrasting (despite tone in tone; to keep the elegance) brand spanking new ones.
Happy New Year to you (+ all other interested ones!) 'much mooooore merciful human being'

Love, Gerlinde