Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Tiny Tunic

A friend gave me this off-white, cinched waist tunic not too long ago, and I was eager to give it a whirl. But it was just a little too small for me in a couple of places, so I made some subtle alterations to make it better-fitting and easier to wear.



The first thing I did is give the tunic some side vents to make the bottom half a little looser. It's a subtle change, but you can see that the bottom half now has more of an A-line shape rather than a bubble shape. I think that's a more flattering silhouette.

I also learned that it looks much better on me if I keep the top couple of buttons undone, which was a simple fix that didn't require a single stitch!

The other alteration was just a simple fix to make the shirt more versatile. It had roll-tab sleeves, and the tabs were always dangling out past the cuffs. I sewed a button to the inside of the cuff so that the tab could be held out of sight, but still be usable if I ever choose to wear the sleeves rolled up.

Some more photos over at my blog!

--The Unfashionista

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Chickie WU said...

The side vents are a great idea. Sometimes I need more room in the hips. Great job with the sleeves tabs too. They bother me when they dangle loose.