Sunday, September 29, 2019

Beach Glass Dye Dress

I got an email from Rit Dye with 3 new color blends for summer! I was very anxious to try 2 of the 3 colors. This color combo is called Bach Glass!
I had this PERFECT white cotton dress for this project!

1 st rinse the garment in HOT water.
The Beach Glass Recipe is:
1/2 cup Aquamarine Liquid Dye
1 Tablespoon Lemon Yellow
3 gallons HOT water
I added the dye to a washer machine filled with HOT water. Then 1 Tablespoon liquid detergent and 1 cup salt.
The salt will help the dye to stick to the fabric.


The coverage of the dye wasn't perfect. Probably because this was not a fresh brand new garment, who knows what was spilled on this dress.
Anyway I wanted to make this dress into a halter dress.
I cut the back of the dress off from the back of the collar. Then I pinned under the front of the sides.

Onto the back! I folded down the back flap of the dress to make a back hem. Sewed that!

After I cut secured the back I needed to make it more fitted. I tucked the excess material at the underarm area.
After all my alterations the dress was still too large for me. I came up with the idea of pulling the dress up and securing it at the back of the neck.
I found the middle of the collar and cut it. I stitched up both sides of the collar then I made two button holes and sewed 2 buttons on the back of the collar.

This color is simply beautiful!

Happy Refashioning!!!
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I Can Work With That said...

That turned out so pretty, I love the new color.