Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Ex-X Top



This top was given to me as a gift, and I really liked its unique construction with the X-shaped panels crossing the front and shoulders.

Unfortunately, like a lot of clothing with "unique" construction, it just looked terrible when I actually tried to wear it!

I cut off the sleeves because it was too tight over my shoulders, and, when I cut the X-shaped panels where they met at the side seams, they sort of magically converted themselves into a cute little pussy bow!

Since the X in the front is gone now, I call the shirt my ex-X top.

Very minimal sewing was involved in this refashion; it was basically just a few snips of the scissors! Of course, I have a whole story to share if you're into that, but you've already gotten the gist of it!

Here's to pleasant surprises!

--The Unfashionista


Anielskaaniela said...

perfect for summer <3

I Can Work With That said...

I love the bow. It's a great new look.

TheRefashStash said...