Thursday, August 02, 2012

Women's Dresses from Men's Polos

I love making dresses out of men's polos, mostly because they're sooo comfortable.  If I'm on vacation doing touristy things for the whole day, that is what I wear- I can look nice, get some air circulating in the skirt, and not have anything restrictive on.  I've taken a few that I've made down to a consignment shop down the street and they've sold.  Here are two recent ones:

The one above has a halter neck, and the one below has trim on the sleeve openings made from the green striped shirt.  It also has a belt made from the striped shirt.
Thanks for looking!


Unknown said...

Both great projects, I particularly like how your first dress has that great Hawaiian floral pattern

Thanks for sharing

Erica, EOD

concretenprimroses said...

Fabulous! The first is beautiful. The second I can imagine wearing (not too short). Thanks.

Pattie said...

No tutorials for these dresses..I love them both!! Course, I need directions or who knows what I would end up with!!! :}


Wow....what an improvement. The thrift store is full of unloved polo's. I am going to give this refashion a try.

Agy said...

Brilliant! The 2nd dress with the stripes looks lovely :-)

American Nanny said...

Please, please please post your tutorials for these dresses. They're fabulous!

Unknown said...

Very nice! I am looking for this type of info and sometimes I get lucky like today. Thanks for your post.
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