Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blazer Series Part I: A quick update and adding edge to a classic blazer

Quick update on the drapey leather jacket refashion I did not too far back. The amount of drape was just a bit much, I found, after wearing it, so I cut it back pretty dramatically. Because the front panels weren't lined and I'd left the edges raw, I simply recut the shape and set aside the leather offcuts for future projects.


After After :)
This feels much more usable, and I like the way it wears much better :) Styled with a t-shirt, regular jeans or colored jeans and a slouchy hat and dangly earrings for casual; then, I could simply switch the jeans out for a pencil skirt, a little more sparkle in the jewelry and booties or heels. Oh, and I finally hand stitched the lining in at the cuffs...I procrastinated on that a bit, but it literally only took about 7-8 minutes to do while watching a show.

My next refashion is tied to the leather jacket refashion. Using part of the original collar, and one of the panels cut from the bottom I was able to take this classic black wool blazer (thrifted, of course, and not being worn as often as it deserves) and add a bit of edge by covering the lapels and collar with leather! (Again, something I saw on Pinterest where a girl had taken an ASOS blazer to her tailor to add the leather). Here's how mine turned out!

Again, I styled it as I did the jacket (couldn't be bothered to change ;) ). I topstitched it all down on the outside edge with my sewing machine and then whip stitched it along the inside edge. Love how this turned out and it just makes this classic blazer a bit more modern, a bit edgier. AND I've still got tons of leather left! I've plans to add some to my jeans pockets that I dyed a plum "ish" color, and for some jewelry as well. 

So, how about the cutback on the drapey jacket? Improvement or not, in your opinion? And the blazer? I considered after the fact that I could have changed the shape of the lapels when adding the leather, and since I plan on doing a series on blazer refashions, I'll explore that with some of the others that I plan to change up.

Happy Refashioning, all!


Kazza said...

Your refashions are inspiring and following you it appears you are developing more and more skills and abilities in this area. I like the shorter drape on you. It goes well with the styling, perhaps it has a younger look about it? Well done and thanks for sharing.

From Karen at Facebook group Bowerbirds Journal

Adele said...

I love how they both turned out.

Adele - EOD

Carissa said...

I really liked the 'before' wool blazer, but you totally kicked it up a notch! Nice job!

Annas Salons said...

really nice, your "Refashions" I love the leather "bolero" Great! Very good idea!
best regards

Unknown said...

Great job!

- Elizabeth
aka The Hungry Octopus