Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vintage sheet to hospital scrub top

In the 'real world' I work as a vet in an animal hospital.  For surgery and anaesthesia, I have to wear scrubs but always find the hospital scrubs to be badly fitting and uncomfortable.  Mostly they make me look like I'm wearing pyjamas.  Not sexy.  I didn't take a before picture stupidly, but I thrifted this vintage Thelwell duvet cover years ago and have had it in my stash for ages because I didn't really know what an adult woman could make for herself out of cartoon pony material.  It's the same sheet as you can see on this old Ebay listing here.


(Thelwell, for those who don't know, is a very English old school cartoonist who is most famous for his cartoons of little girls and their pudgy, mischievous ponies.  It's very hunting, shooting, fishing style with lots of mud and foxhounds and gymkhanas and I loved it when I was a child.)


This took me two attempts as the first one came out HUGE, despite following the pattern exactly.  I didn't realise I'd bought a plus-size pattern so it was totally my bad.  After some franken-patterning and chopping 2 inches off either side, I then ended up with a top that was too small to go over the junk in mah trunk.  I had to insert a triangle of material to adapt to this little challenge.


I then ended up making it too short, so cut 2 inches off the bottom hem only to subsequently sew it back on again.  Face palm. 


In the end though, I'm pleased with the outcome!  I wear it to work every other day (I need to make a second one for when it's in the wash!) and have got loads of compliments for it.  My next attempt needs to include a pocket though and I need to take the time to zigzag the hems as it's now fraying all over the place. 


Action shot!  Bed sheet to scrub top for the win!  You can read the original post over on my blog.  I'm hosting a giveaway next week so come and win yourself some handknitted accessories! (am I allowed to mention that?)


Sandy said...

a very good use for a pony sheet!
Sandy in the UK


I think that I would feel less stressed about surgery if the doctors and nurses wore a fun print.

Unknown said...

Sweet! I bet it's sooo comfortable too!

Adele said...

Very cute!

Adele - EOD

Cucicucicoo: Eco Crafting & Sewing said...

What a great idea you had! I've often thought how dull it must be for those who wear scrubs every day. I'll bet it makes everyone feel nicer seeing yours! :) Lisa