Saturday, November 28, 2015

"Vine and Dine" Inspired Blouse

Today's refashion is really important because 1.) it finishes my What-I-made-while-I-was-on-vacation series and 2.) this is my most favorite refashion I've EVER done in my life. EVER :)

It started out looking like this:

I was reading through Beth Huntington's "Refashion Handbook" that she gifted me for my participation in Refashion Runway 3 a few months ago.

One of her refashions in that book is "Vine and Dine" in which she creates a cold-shoulder sleeve date night dress. I loved the sleeves on that dress so much, I decided to do that for my refashion of this dress.

First, I cut.
These scraps are going to be my new sleeves. After I finished up some raw edges, I pinned the new sleeve into the original armhole of the dress (Right sides together).
I finished the new raw bottom edge, turned it around so the zipper in now in the front instead of the back and voila!

My spin on "Vine and Dine" is a little different than Beth's but the sleeves were purely inspired by her refashion. If you haven't had a chance to buy a copy of her book yet, I highly recommend it. It's appropriate for novice and advanced seamstresses alike. I NEVER would've made this dress had I not been inspired by Beth's "Vine and Dine" refashion.... and I never would've had my most favorite refashion EVER.

Like, Ever :)

Thanks again, Beth! :)


jennifer elliott said...

Very pretty! Nice job!

Gema said...

Just gorgeous! Love it!!

Melissa Lin said...

Love it too. I'm going to copy you!

Carissa said...

These style dresses are a-dime-a-dozen at my local thrift shops, and I love what you've done with this one! Great job!


TheRefashStash said...

Love this use of the bottom of the dress for the sleeves! Very pretty!

Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

I LOVE it!