Saturday, March 05, 2016

Hoodie hoods gone

I am not overly protective. I think that children should be allowed to roam around, get their bruises and discover what their bodies can and cannot. Children should not be kept back and wrapped in bubble wrap.
But I AM hysterical about one thing: Hoodies. And with good reason. The last couple of years there has been deathly accidents in my country, where children as old as 9 years old has been strangled by the hoods of their hoodies. Not to talk about alle the near misses.
So absolutely NO hoodies in my son's wardrobe.

Before. Those wretched hoods.

I measured 8,5 cm down + seam allowance. About 11 cm in the front by the zipper.

Cut cut.

I turned both fashion fabric and lining to the wrong side and pinned the edge.

Hemmed and collar doubled down - ready for use.



Lisa said...

These look awesome! Nicely done!

Jean said...

Good job... but... couldn't you just take out the drawstring? that way he could still have the hood... if he desired to wear it.

Carissa said...

Wow. I had no idea hoods were so dangerous. Great modifications, especially with kids' safety in mind!


Saga said...

Jean: The hoods got caught on something and the children hung from them and got strangled. There were two incidents of this. One was a preeschooler and the otherca 9 year old.
And there were a few more incidents where the same thing happened, but the accidents werent't fatal.

I Can Work With That said...

Wow, I had not heard the hood danger either. I have a hoodie that I like but the hood is too heavy. This is a great tip. I will be using this idea soon Thanks!

I Can Work With That said...

I put a link to this in my blog to share your idea. I gave you credit for the idea Saga.