Saturday, February 03, 2018

Patch it up

Ironing on an embroidery patch is at the low end of the ingenuity spectrum, but it is still a way to  give new life to something damaged, or just something you're tired of wearing. So I guess it still counts as a refashion!

Here are two things I recently freshened up with some iron-on patches.

A pair of jeans which I didn't much care for became a lot more exciting once I ironed on a pretty blue spray of flowers. (Sorry, I didn't photograph this process, but I bet you can guess what they looked like before!)

My old combat boots were destined for the trash until I realized I could cover up some of the scuffs and make them trendy at the same time by adding some rose embroidery. I couldn't iron those patches on, so I used Tacky Glue. Tacky Glue is not waterproof, so I figure it will be easy to remove the patches and replace them with something else, if they get dirty or I get bored.




Here's a little blog post about how I decorated the boots.


Rory said...

What a great reminder of how easy it can be to change up an item. Thanks for sharing this

I Can Work With That said...

Both of these turned out super cute. Sometimes a little change is all that is needed. great job.

Jean said...

cute.... but to be honest, I used to be in the military... first thing I thought of when you said they were scuffed up... was shoe polish!
The flowers did come out cute though.

alyrocco said...

Those boots turned out super cute! That's a great way to make scuffed up boots look new again!

Unknown said...

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