Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Turn sweater into muff (or the perfect DIY Christmas gift!)

Is it too soon to throw in DIY Christmas gifts? Nah... you need time to collect ideas, get inspired, choose your projects for this year... right? And by then you won't have much time left. So this muff might be a good choice! It won't take up much time (leaving out the inside pocket helps:)) and could be the perfect gift for someone who regularly has cold hands. And who doesn't in this time of year?

I'd like to dedicate this refashion to Jillian Owens, the Refashionista, who sadly passed away, she suffered from ovarian cancer. It was a sad, sad day when I found out in October. Her refashions have been a big inspiration to me and, I'm sure, to lots and lots of other creatives all over the world. And if I'm correct, she was also one of the early contributors to this blog. She will be missed!

You're welcome to visit 
vermaakster.blogspot.com where I explained the steps, my blog is in English and Dutch. You can also find a detailed explanation on the zipper pocket there. 



I Can Work With That said...

What a great idea! It looks cozy too.

Miss Blue said...

I've had my husband download an image of her site to keep for posterity because she inspired me for so many years, and I'm scared her legacy would disappear if someone forget to renew her site hosting. I once had a conversation with her directly, and I fangirled properly. It's a big loss for the world the day we lost her.

Vermaakster said...

Thanks for sharing, miss Blue. I somehow find it difficult to believe that her legacy will disappear, she has inspired so many women... And thanks for teaching me a new word, fangirled:)!