Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Brocade Bomber

 Hello Refashion Co-op. It is cold and snowy now in my area so I decided to do a jacket refashion. 

Before and after.

I cut the edges off the whole jacket so I could make a bomber jacket. 

I put in a zipper because this brocade jacket only had a small hook and eye closure. 

I wanted to add some ribbing for the waistband, cuffs and collar. 

Wrist cuffs. 

I loved how the jacket turned out. The new look is more fun and casual but the beautiful fabric is still the star of the show. Thanks for reading along, for more pictures and details go to my blog.


Maria said...

A much more casual & comfortable look. Nice work!

Vermaakster said...

Love what you did with the jacket. The zipper really adds to the new cool look!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks for the positive comments. I really appreciate the positive community on this blog.
Happy sewing to everyone.