Sunday, February 04, 2024

A- line mini skirt with front slits and free pattern


Hey! I have a new video tutorial for you that you don’t want to miss. In this video, I’ll show you how to sew a double slit mini skirt from scratch. This is a very easy and fun project that you can do in your spare time. And the best part is, you don’t need to buy a pattern, because I’m giving you one for free. You just need to adjust it a little bit to create the double slit effect. This skirt is perfect for any season and any occasion. You can dress it up or down, depending on your mood.

To watch the video, just click the link below. You’ll see how I made this skirt step by step, and I’ll also give you some tips and tricks along the way. You’ll learn how to cut the fabric, sew the slits, make the elastic casing, and finish the hem. It’s a very simple and satisfying project that you can complete in less than an hour.

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So, what are you waiting for? Go watch the video now and learn how to sew a double slit mini skirt. And if you want to download the free PDF pattern, click here. Happy sewing! 😍

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I Can Work With That said...

This is a great skirt. The shape flatters every body type. It is so cute!