Saturday, February 09, 2013

spiral scarf poncho

see this? this was my very first knitting project, a nice warm red scarf. except when i first started knitting, i didn't quite realize the difference between different weight yarns. so of course using a light-weight scarf as a model for the width but knitting with worsted weight yarn made for a very big, heavy scarf that was way too bulky to actually use with a coat. so i started using it wrapped around my shoulders in the house. except it kept slipping and was pretty annoying.

enter the book reconstructing clothes for dummies (very fun book with lots of great ideas!). one of the projects that caught my eye was transforming a strip of an afghan into a sort of poncho. but my mega-scarf was the right size, so i used that instead and i'm so happy with it! basically all you do is sew the edges together so as to create a big spiral.

now it stays put on my shoulders and is fun, funky and quite versatile!

there are many ways to wear it, but my favorite is like this, with a cute pin holding up one of the spiral ends. i bet those of you suffering through the nemo blizzard in the US right now could use an easy and cozy refashion like this just about now!

more details on this project here.


Terra the Reuser said...

That's super cute! I don't knit, but I might have to keep my eyes open for a large scarf candidate. Nice job!

Lisa @ OneRedShoeBlog said...

This IS really cute. Almost looks like it was made for that purpose!

cucicucicoo said...

thanks, terra and lisa! :)

Refashion said...

I love it! And I love that it saved a homemade project from being unused. -Seeks, EOD

concretenprimroses said...

It totally looks like it was meant to be a poncho. Wonderful color too.

cucicucicoo said...

thank you, all! :)