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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Refashion- Oversized Peasant Blouse to Button-Up Blouse

Hello Everyone!

I have another shirt refashion to share.  

I had this beautiful peasant blouse.  It was much too big for me to wear, but I loved the fabric.  

(Doggie photo bomb!) 


I ended up taking it completely apart with the help of my trusty seam ripper and a huge helping of patience.

I decided I wanted to turn into a nice button-up blouse.

I used the sleeves from the original shirt to make the top part of the shirt on the front and back, the collar, and the sleeves.  I used the maroon bands that were framing the collar of the original shirt (cut in half lengthwise) to make the strip for the buttons and button holes in the front.  I cut the main pieces of the original shirt up into four pieces and re-assembled them back together with their new cut.  I hemmed the bottom and the sleeves.  Added some vintage maroon buttons and finished!

Whatcha think?

I'm really happy with the transformation.  I am in love with this fabric print.  It is just so delightful!  

For more details on how I achieved this and the pattern I used, check out my blog.

Thanks everyone!



willywagtail said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Cherrie

Mikelina said...

It's beautiful both ways! I love the wild fabric in a more conservative-style button down.

Kelley Dibble said...

With your devoted patience, your new blouse is truly a work of art! Certain you get sooo many lovely comments on it!


Adele said...

Oh wow, that is absolutely awesome!

Adele - EOD

cookiecrumbs said...

I love it. Gorgeous fabric, definitely worthy of the transformation!

Erinn Merlo-Jackson said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments and encouragement :)