Monday, December 02, 2013

Fall Floral: a heavy knit hem

Hello again everyone! I wanted something warm and fun to wear to Thanksgiving this year. I found this floral, knit, outdated dress at a local thrift store that I love to go to, and I think I paid about $0.75 for it.

I could see that it had potential, but it was too long. Here is a before picture, along with my cat, Darwin, being indecent. I apologize.

Hemming heavy knit fabric turned out to be soooo much more difficult than I thought! I spent a few hours on a job that should have taken me about 45 min, tops. I finally got it right, though, and here is the final product!

 For more of the story, you can visit my blog, Em-provising.



DressUpNotDown said...

Never underestimate the value of a good and proper hem! :o)

Adele said...

Your new dress looks gorgeous!

Adele - EOD