Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How I enlarged my trousers

Hello everyone !

As you can see, these trousers were definitely too tight for me since I decided to quit smoking.


I did some research on the web but I didn't find so many examples of trousers upsizing. So I decided to try my own way...


If anyone interested, I shared this 5 steps trousers refashionning project on my blog. And my post is available in English, in French and in Spanish.

Have a nice day !



Andrea said...

Yay to your decision to quit smoking!!! Good for you and keep at it :) I love how you resized your trousers and have been wanting to do something similar, creating a tuxedo pant, but have been a little too scared...I think I'll go for it!

Camille Neveu said...

Thank you for your comment That would be great to dare it. You'll show us right ?

Lovenicky said...

Thanks for this! It's much easier to make big garments smaller, but really difficult to make small garments bigger. Bravo!

IWOM said...

Ditto on the congrats for quitting!

And thanks for the multi-lingual link to your step-by!