Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saving toddler pants II and onesies

Just like I did for my little cousin's jeans, I had a costumer asked me to same his little girl's pants. They weren't fitting in lenght, but they were perfectly fitting in the waist and hips. So, again, like I've shared in my latest post, I turned them into shorts and everyone's happy. all I had to do was cut off the legs, and hem. 

Also, my little girl isn't using diapers anymore, so onesies aren't practical for her to take off on her own. In the other hand, the weather's been cold and she didn't have many undershirts to wear. One of these days, I was just putting those onesies aside to keep them for the next baby, when I suddently thought that maybe I could cut them. I mean, she has so many, her sibling wouldn't be out of them anyway. 

I only used the white part of the adult's shirt for two onesies. one is not in the photo because she was actually wearing it. I just wanted to share the idea. the two other onesies on top are still waiting for the same treatment. 

So, I cut 4 of them, the idea was to attach a piece of knit from other shirts to make them longer... so they aren't always out of her pants/shorts/skirts... It worked just fine and again, everyone is happy. 

I know these aren't very interesting refashions, but I promise there are a few good ones on the way. meanwhile, if you allow me, I'd like to invite you all to follow and if you'd like, to sew along the series I am hosting in my blog all through the month. January Refashion Month, where a lot of guests are sharing their best refashions, tips and tutorials. 

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Carissa said...

How cute! What a great way to extend the life of those onesies!