Monday, February 17, 2014

The T-Shirt Project #2 [T-shirt to skirt]

Yellow! Very yellow. A colour that will never flatter my paler-than-pale Scandinavian skin. So my mission was to get this thing as far away from my face as possible.
I decided on a skirt to shirt refashion.

I cut of the sleves and neckline and pinned and sewed the tube to fit my hips and waist. 
I made a casing and inserted a 3 cm elastic. 
Et voila. Something yellow that will actually get some wear by me :).

Tutorial on my blog here:


Irma said...

I love your job: I did the same, two weeks ago, with an old sweater received from my brother. It is nice and warm and I'm wearing my new skirt both to go out for a pizza and to go to the office.
You are very good wearing your new yellow skirt!
Irma from Italy

cfortin said...

I love yellow but agree it is a tough color to pull off right next to the face and since I am a Steelers fan I love your skirt and top combo. :-)

Cindy - EOD