Friday, February 28, 2014

Upcycled Fairytale/Tea Party Dress

A 'sweet and innocent' dress made from an upcycled cotton duvet cover!

This was inspired by lots of 50s style dresses i've seen around recently, and to me looks like something out of a fairytale or something you should wear to 'afternoon tea'! The top is lined for modesty and comfort, and i really like the wide halterneck straps. I based the pattern on a 50s style dress i've had for a while, but made the skirt longer and the sizing overall a bit bigger (a bit too big to be honest, it's come out a couple of sizes too big as i was expecting the shirring on the back to pull it in more!)

Still, i do like it, and will look out for bolder fabric to make more in the same design!


jennifer elliott said...

I love the dress! So cute! I love love love the wide stripe in the middle. Fantastic job! said...

What a fun and creative idea!

katboulder said...

Just lovely,and beautifully sewn. Looks great on you!

Andrea said...

Very pretty! This looks great on you and I like the green and white print with the wide stripe. Great job!

Andrea EOD

Andrea said...

Oh, one other thing, I added your label to your post so that we can attribute it to you under The Enchanted Forest link in the left column. Any questions on how to do this in future posts, just let us know!!! Glad to help :)

Andrea EOD