Monday, April 28, 2014

Little dress into a little purse

_MG_4013One of Kaylee’s favorite dresses was worn out.  This girl plays hard in her dresses!


I looked it over to see if it could/ should be salvaged in some way, and my first thought was to turn it into a skirt.  That would have been easy.   But skirts are not very popular around here for some reason.   Instead, I chopped off the sleeves and the neckline and played around with making a bag.  The top of the dress became the bag lining, and some extra fabric from the skirt became a long strap.   I filled it with some chap stick and hair bows and wrapped it up under the Christmas tree.  She was thrilled to open it, and searched the purse to make sure the little dog charm was still pinned onto the purse.  I have a feeling that doggie charm was the real reason the dress was so well loved.  She wears the purse across her body, messenger bag style, just like I do.

Thanks for looking!
Amy Jo at The Little Moments


Lovenicky said...

What a sweet girl with a sweet little bag!

cfortin said...

Cute purse and even cuter model.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab