Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wrap dress extension

I'm pleased to contribute my first post to the Refashion Co-op!
A friend of mine gave me this great wrap dress, but the skirt barely overlapped. It was a windy day disaster waiting to happen. I cut and sewed in an extra panel to give the skirt extra coverage. Now I can wear it without flashing people!
Read more about this project on my blog, Hoopes Park Studios.


Sandy said...

Loving the pose! LOL But it is a very good idea!
Sandy in the UK

Carissa said...

Welcome aboard! I love a good practical refashion, and very well executed! I can't even tell it wasn't like that to begin with!


P.S. In the future, please only use your username as a label. Our tech editor uses the other labels to categorize post, so extra tags can gum up the works for her.

Andrea said...

Such a good idea! Why has this never occurred to me before??? Thank you for posting because I've got a dress that needs this ;)

Lovenicky said...

Welcome! I love the colour combo too. You get the great look of a wrap dress without the hazards of a wrap dress. Great job!