Friday, May 09, 2014

Two dresses into two dresses

Too short, optoo... just not me.

This dress had a lot of good things going for it, but it made me always feel like i was on my way to funeral. and the pleats in the front made me look pregnant.

The two dresses lay next to each other by chance and suddenly I could see the solution. I had to start on the refashions that same second, even though I was on my way to bed.

I simply took both dresses apart at the place skirt and bodice were sewn together, flipped the skirts to opposite bodices and sewed them together with their new partners.

Dress 1:
I turned the skirt around, so the pleats are now in the back.
I also made two small pleats to the neckline to gather/raise the neckline slightly.

Dress 2:
 I sewed on a narrow strip of ribbon to the black bodice to merge the skirt and the bodice better.

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Kelsey said...

Those look great!!!

Andrea said...

Perfect! The longer bodice on the black dress balances out the shortness of the black and white skirt and vice versa :) Great save on both dresses...

Andrea EOD

concretenprimroses said...

Amazing and fabulous!

jenny_o said...

Wow - two amazing dresses now!

Hanne said...

Wow! Great refashion

jennifer elliott said...

Great job! I love both new dresses!

Tami Lee said...

Those turned out fantastic

Deb said...

I'd like to see the back of the dress with the pleats. I am curious as to how it looks.