Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Easy skirt to dress refashion (zero waste!)

I found this lovely too big skirt, which I am just a sucker for paisley designs. It was a tiered dress with a side zipper.

I decided to turn it into a dress by simply keeping the side zipper in (it fits over my chest so no need to readjust!) and added a strip of elastic at the first tier/second tier intersection. Poof! Instant dress! Comfy too!

Recap. Easy dress for the summer!
For more on this refashion, Click here.



Nina said...

It looks awesome on you! So cool you saw the potential in that skirt ;)

jennifer elliott said...

Nice job!

cfortin said...

I love the zero waste projects. Nice save Lauren.


Erica Moody said...

Looks awesome! Since discovering this "skirt to dress" idea a couple months ago, I think I've already made 5 of them! So simple and great results!