Friday, June 13, 2014

Lace-panel t-shirt

For a long time, I had this lace-y top from Modcloth pinned to my Refashion Ideas board. I finally got around to making it, with lace left over from this refashion. I started out with a plain sky-blue t-shirt.

I took a piece of lace and laid it atop the shirt to figure out where I wanted the scalloped edge to fall.

I pinned under just a bit of the lace along the edge of the neck band and stitched it down , then trimmed away the excess lace close to the stitches.

Working my way around the lace piece, from the shoulder seams to the armholes, I pinned under the edge of the lace and stitched it down, close to the existing seams, one section at a time.

Finally, I sewed down the scalloped edge, very carefully, then trimmed out the part of the t-shirt that was inside the seams very, very carefully. Here's how it turned out.

And here's the close-up.

I love how it looks, and I hope it will be nice and cool when the weather turns hot. I wore it here with a strapless bra, but I may need to buy a regular one in a cute blue color to wear with this shirt.

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Nina said...


Andrea said...

I love when copycats turn out soooo well!!! Really lovely outcome :)

Andrea EOD

Kathryn said...

Very pretty!

Louba said...

Love this.

Carissa said...


Bailey Mills said...

Love it!

April Rogers-Krick said...

Awesome. So pretty and makes a plain tee all girly like. Love it.

Joanna said...

nice job and has inspired me to try it out. I have just bought a couple of plain white Tees $3.50 each, and I have some white lace kicking around in the cupboard. Being big chested strapless bras don't give sufficient support so I might alter a white bra, taking off the straps and replacing them with either satin ribbon, or these new plastic see through jobs. I will also try to make a lace top with a white thin strapped vest under. Oh the permutations are numerous. Will get cracking this afternoon.