Thursday, June 26, 2014

Luxe sweatshirt, take 2, and Workshirt, part 2

Last fall, I made this lace front sweatshirt. At the time, my computer was acting up, so I couldn't post the pictures of the process. Well, I made a similar sweatshirt using the same method, so I thought I would post it again. This time, I started out with this Rock & Republic top I got at a yard sale.

I liked the silver studs at the shoulder seams, but the whole lion/crest thing wasn't really doing it for me. So I cut out the entire front panel. 

I used that piece as a guide to cut out my replacement fabric, a sheer, shiny silver/black material.

Then I pinned the shear fabric in place, again using the front panel as a guide.

I removed the lion panel and stitched the sheer fabric all the way around along the existing seams. Here's how it looks now.

Much improved, I think. 

I also wanted to share an update to this blue workshirt I made in May. I thought it needed a patch. My dad, a Harley guy, was kind enough to let me peruse his stash of patches. I picked out this cool Harley Officer Training (HOT) one. It adds just the right touch.

 Thanks for reading.


April Rogers-Krick said...

The sweat shirt is awesome. It looks so kuch better and sexy too. The patch is fun. I like that touch.

IWOM said...

Thanks for another terrific step-by!

(When DO you find time to sleep?!?)