Sunday, June 01, 2014

Mom's Peplum Dress Refashion

My mom gave me a peplum dress that she decided she didn't like b/c of an odd side zipper. I didn't get a before picture but here is where I cut it apart. I decided that since the dress was too big, that it would be beneficial to just turn it into 2 pieces that I can use in my everyday wardrobe.

I first turned the skirt into a regular everyday work skirt. I didn't want to loose the back vent, so I put in a side zipper. That gave me a big headache. More on this refashion here.

Then I closed the side zipper and moved it to the back of the top. I had to take it in a bunch so I took it in via the back. The neck bulged so it became more of a diagonal sort of taking in. More on this refashion here.

Got to love 2 for 1 refashions!


Carissa said...

You can't go wrong with a black pencil skirt, and peplums are so "in" right now. Plus, you could always wear the skirt and shirt at the same time and pretend it's still a dress. Fantastic, Lauren!


Lola Nova said...

2 for 1, that's working smart! Good work, you've got 2 classic wardrobe staples right there :D