Sunday, June 01, 2014

Re-fashions for me!

You might think that I only refashion for my daughter, but that's not true.
I do make a lot of refashions for my own.

Recently I did 2 refashions with 3 shirts and 1 legging:

The shirt on the left is the right length, the shirt on the right had that fun flower application on it.

The legging was a bit to long and the shirt on the right had stretchy lace on it.

I also had 2 plane white shirts that had stains on the collars and sleeves. I made some fun changes on them.

On the right you see the before and on the left the after picture of one of them.

This is how I did the seccond one.

But after I wore them for about a year I wanted to change them again, and so I did!

I removed the sleeves and ironed them. Stitched them up again and made them smaller.
And this is after:

Maybe a bit strange... but rainmittens!
Because I have Raynaud's disease I have to keep my hands warm or else.. this happens. But when it rains my normal mittens don't stay dry, and my hands get very cold. So why not rainmittens? I made them and tested them last week and they worked! My hands did get a bit dampy because they got worm inside lol.

That's it for this time. For more you can always watch my blog. I am planning on giving my posts a English update so you all can read them. In the mean time you could use Chroome translate.

Greetings from the Netherlands
Joke Vermanen


Sandy said...

Great idea1
My DH always says...'Is it easier to walk with your hands in your pockets?' meaning he knows I have troubles with my legs and thinks I would have better balance. But I think I tend to put hands in pockets because of similar results as you have for my fingers. not as bad, but perhaps I should make some rain mitts!
Sandy in the UK

Joke Vermanen said...

Maybe you should. It really helps keeping the hands warm on rainy days when you travel by bike.

In the Netherlands, when you walk or stand with your hands in your pockets, we say: Are you moving? And the person doing it would say: no, Why? Answer back: because you've already packed your hands...

Carissa said...

Rain mittens? Brilliant!
And I love the white shirt with the plaid pockets. Super cute!