Friday, June 20, 2014

Old Lady Curtains to Party Dress

When I first saw this dress I was looking for lace I could steal for another project. Initially I was going to pass this by, but then I realized that the waist "belt" was the same as on a dress I own and adore. So this came home with me.

And voila! A cute party dress with lots of swingy skirt. The entire time I felt like I was carving away all the bad stuff to find the cute dress underneath. It's given me so much confidence to be able to pull this off. If I can refashion this I can refashion anything.

Read more about this dress adventure on my blog.


Saga said...

The new dress flatters you well. Good job.

Andrea said...

Seriously?! The after is sooooo good compared to the before! Ha! Great job :) I love the new dress on you, so sweet and lovely. Hahaha, can't get over the bib collar on the before! I love transformations like really did bring out the dress' best features.

Andrea EOD