Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rainbow Run

I started off with one of my tshirts i designed - just cut the cap sleeves off. And a pair of white linen Monsoon trousers I sourced from a charityshop for £1 (they were rather short and a tad see-thru!) cut to above knee. It was only a 3k 'race' with POWDERPAINT stops - so easy compared to a half marathon!! I ended up with green and blue hair and the tshirt looks much cooler now!
Tried not to colour the black staffy! (Actually, there was a white dog at the event now orange!)
This one was a NEVER WORN dress that had tshirt material skirt and it was just too stretchy and weird to wear, in fact it looked like a bin bag on me! Now a waistcoat style top over a blouse or for underneath fitted jackets. Way to jazz up my frumpy long skirts that I loved the fabric of. I managed to find a brand-new with labels on pair of highwaisted trousers - which I was going to hem to shorts but actually they are really comfortable summer trousers. Better on than on the hanger. I think simple and clean cuts/tailoring is in fashion at the moment. 

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Carissa said...

That studded black top is super cute! It would be great if you had a "before" photo of the dress so we could see the change. Great find on the trousers too!


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