Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day-bags and just a tote.

After day-bag.
Foam and extras.

Charlie and I travel for weeks and even months with one Rick Steves carry-on size back-pack and one day-bag each. Day-bags must be light weight and flexible enough to go under plane/bus/train seats or sit in our laps.
I had two of these school sized back-packs.

Every ounce counts, so I removed every extra foam, clip, strap turning them into day-packs. Ready to go!!!

Pink shopping tote.

I have always carried totes to work and in the car. I am trying to carry an extra empty tote for shopping. Except for Aldi our stores are not charging for bags, but I still want to avoid the plastic bags.
This pink bag had extra foam which I removed. I have a laptop sleeve so do not need the permanent foam in my bags.

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IWOM said...

This is not unlike cutting your hair for the summer or clipping your pooch so he's more comfy!

Clever ideas - thanks for sharing.