Wednesday, July 30, 2014

refashioned extreme

2 years ago, a friend broke and dislocated his shoulder, and all that pregnant too! Everything here to go get something for my daughter in her car ... I can not tell you the guilt ... Anyway, that day for him free his arm, firefighters cut her coat she liked. Her mom has treasured to recover between other padding (for stuffing pillows or comforters!). Then, when moving this summer, she finally told me what was left of the garment, to do a few things:

For his birthday, what was left of his coat is then converted into bag, specially designed for the recipient:

All that comprises the bag (unless the sewing yarn!) From the mantle.
I offer you the pattern and explanations (in French sorry!)


IWOM said...

Merci beaucoup pour le modèle: il est très gentil à vous!

Thank you very much for the pattern in your link -- it is very kind of you.

This looks just like something you could buy in a Quicksilver shop! Best birthday present ever I'm sure!


mkc said...

This is a very nice gift to make for a friend. It gives me an idea to make from my own coat.