Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Refashioned Sandals

Hi to all Refashion Co-op readers!
 I am Sofia from Greece and this is my first post. I am very exciting I can join this incredible blog. Congratulations to all! You are all very inspiring!

I will start with some sandals I bought 5 years ago. I wore them, but I kept getting blisters. Also, I didn't like that the design is a little childish. So I thought a little chopping will do:

Now they are more comfortable and I think cuter. Thanks for reading!


jennifer elliott said...

Welcome to the community! Sometimes simple is best ... I definitely like the more simplistic look of the sandals. Good job.

Nina said...

So much better!

RanchHouse said...

Great update. These should get a lot of use now. Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

Refashion said...

I added your label to your post. Look at the list on the left of the blog screen for your SofyMarron and (1) for your first posting credit.
You can add your label when you post on the right hand side of the posting screen.
Mary @ RanchHouse Editor of the Day (EOD)