Sunday, November 23, 2014

SHIRT FIX: Shorter sleeves

I found this lovely navy blue striped shirt in the men's department for just a few dollars, knowing all I need to do is shorten the sleeves. I normally don't go for stripes since they show off my bad curves, but the solid block of blue above the stripes caught my eye. Despite shortening sleeves on three other shirts, I still haven't perfected that specific art because I prefer to keep the original width of the shirt.


So the problem? Matching the measurements of the new sleeve and the original width of the shirt is a bit tricky. Somehow with the three previous shirts, I managed to connect everything and the three shirts look somewhat decent. Not perfect, but decent. And decent is the perfect word to describe my new refashioned blue shirt. *sigh* Where do I begin? I should've been more careful reattaching the first sleeve.


The seam looks a little messy, but I don't think I have any room for corrections. Maybe when I have time and patience, I'll fix the sleeve but for now I'm leaving it as is. Reattaching the second sleeve was more successful because I was more careful and semi more patient. The only slight issue I have are the side seams, where I had to sew a few new stitches. The side stripes don't match perfectly, but again for now, I'm OK with imperfection.


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Jennifer Elliott


jenny_o said...

Hi Jennifer, the link doesn't go to your refashion page :)

jennifer elliott said...

@jenny_o: the link sure doesn't direct you to my blog! :) The link has been fixed. Thanks so much for saying something!

Jennifer Elliott

jenny_o said...

No problem :)

By the way, I have the same difficulty with sleeves. Other refashioners make it look so easy. I am all thumbs and wavy seams and puckers - we need someone to do a detailed post on this!

Carissa said...

It's hard to let go, I know, but sometimes we're the only ones will ever notice our imperfect refashions. Your new t-shirt looks great!


RanchHouse said...

We're you shortening the length of the sleeve hem or at the shoulders?

jennifer elliott said...

@RanchHouse: I was shortening at the shoulders AND cutting a new sleeve from the existing sleeve.

@jenny_o: I used cucicucicoo tutorial -- -- and made some slight modifications. Cucicucicoo really provides an excellent tutorial and she's just amazing!

jenny_o said...

Ah, thanks, Jennifer - much appreciated!