Thursday, November 27, 2014

Time management and my new shiny cardi

I feel like I have finally started catching up with my 'to be refashioned' stash. There are all sorts of things in it - from those I have no idea what to do with, those I have an exact plan with and finally those that need to be fixed. The latter type is the most boring one, it just needs to be dealt with and they are not really 'refashions' but rather 'fixations'.

However, I feel like I am getting better at this, and it usually takes me a day to finish a project, but with a full time job, a load of other things on my plate I just seem like I cannot afford a whole day to finish a project. Hence, my projects take days to be finished. Nevertheless, I really like what I am doing and therefore persist in finishing a project at a time. Blogging, however comes a little later. And writing step-by-step tutorials is a thing I still have to master.

Nevertheless, my poor time management hasn't deprived me of the desire to spread the word about importance of refashioning as a part of a larger 'reuse, repurpose and recycle' movement to help the planet survive us.

Here is my latest shiny cardigan refashion, which I really hope you'll like. The sweater or blouse (not sure what was it made as) I refashioned dates back from mid-nineties when my mother purchased it. She used to wear it with black outfits to formal occasions, and stopped using it at least a decade ago. For the past ten years it was mostly sitting in the closet pretty much forgotten. And as I feel compelled to first deal with the piles of clothes my family collected and kept for years - my refashions are (and judging to the amount of stuff we have, will be for a long time) the go-to material for my projects.

So, please, meet my new shiny cardigan - perfect for chilly Mondays and lack of inspiration days:

If you have a similar piece you would do the same with, please proceed to Curvy Girl for a few tips and the process.




RanchHouse said...

Working on family projects is a great place to start. I know your mom is please to have this top back in the cycle.
Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse

Saga said...

Blouse to cardigan is one of my favorite type of refashions. It is nice how you with simple means can change the look of a garment completely. Nice save.

jennifer elliott said...

I love shiny things! Nice job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD