Friday, December 05, 2014

BEFORE: Lilac Satin Formal AFTER: Blue Flannel / Satin PJs

After Blue Flannel PJs
AFTER: Blue Flannel PJs. Satin lined, Fold over cuff, Warm, Comfy.
Inspiration: Satin Lined Red Flannel

Inspiration: Refashion Co-op: BEFORE: Red Satin Formal AFTER: Flannel and Satin PJs  The Red Flannel PJs are a favorite. I wanted more in the rotation.

BEFORE: Blue Flannel PJs were short, thin, cold. Lilac Satin formal and Solid Blue flannel were in the sewing/refashion stash. Dreadful PJ before pic is not shown.

AFTER: Blue flannel, satin lined, and cuffed PJs are warm and comfy.
After Satin Lined PJs 
Before: Satin Dress


Andrea said...

I'm getting jealous of all your cozy pajama pants!!! I've had a vintage sheet I'm wanting to turn into a pair and may just need to do that now ;)

Andrea EOD

RanchHouse said...

Thanks Andrea,
Vintage sheets make wonderful pjs. Especially if they are soft from use. I have my eyes on my soft, soft, soft, many years old flannel sheet set for my next pjs.