Monday, January 19, 2015

Dress to skirt and bolero

A dress in coated cotton which I bought used. I liked many things about it, but it was too severe on me.
(Picture from here, I forgot before picture. And OMG it originally cost 1199 Dkr. ( $187 or £123). Good thing I didn't know, or my fingers might have trembled, when I cut into the dress).

I cut it in two and made the bottom part a skirt. I left the glider of the dress's zipper on the skirt.

I found out that because of the design and cut of the skirt/dress, I can wear the skirt back to front, and it fits and looks just as good. Two-in-one, yay.

The top part became a bolero. I left the zippers on the front edges, I like the look.



Refashion said...

I especially like the skirt - it looks very elegant.

Debbie EOD

Refashion said...
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