Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rags to 'riches'

I recently attended a workshop on rag rugging, and thought I would share my results on here... as its 'refashioning' in a different way..

You know you get woollen scarves that felt a bit, or clothing that, well, has seen better days and a re-fashion to wear is out of the question? (I expect a barrage from everyone.. 'what, not refashion??')

This is a handy thing to do with all the extra bits of material from the discarded garments, old scarves, clothing, blankets, fleeces.. anything a bit ropey.. Just use hessian and find some rag rug tools, the technique is dead easy, once learned.



I've not done a tutorial on this, as I was learning as I was making.. made a rather nice cushion, which I'm really pleased with.. 
This technique could be used to make a rug or bag too.

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RanchHouse said...

Welcome to Refashion Co-op. It is great thinking out of the box on refashions. Rag-Rug-making is one of my fav projects.
I would love to have seen a pic or two of the garments that went into this rug. You might have used something I did not think of.
You can even edit your post and show a pic of a garment that is in the rug-making stash.
Mary @ RanchHouse Editor of the Day