Saturday, March 14, 2015

Christmas aprons

I always try to make Christmas presents where i can, and sometimes kids' ones can be tricky. I tend to do soft toys, little make-up bags etc but this year had a bright idea for a couple of the little girls we know. I used an old apron (i'd been gifted it a while back and liked the polka dots and colour but didn't use it as i have a half-apron that i always use instead) that was turquoise with white spots and pink straps and had a funny quote on the pocket (no before pic as ever, but it was adult size) along with some scrap fabric in pinky floral print to make an apron for one of our friend's daughters who is very into baking. I used scraps from the apron fabric to make the straps -

 - so that i could use the pink straps - cut apart and re-sewed into half-width straps so there was enough length - on an apron i made for her baby sister from matching fabric.

 We gave the aprons with a baking book, ceramic mixing bowl, star shaped cutters and mini rolling pin. Apparently they loved it! :)

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Elizabeth Hill said...

What great Christmas gifts! The aprons are lovely!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus