Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One more skirt

Nice skirt size XXL. I especially liked the pleated panel at the side, that was slightly longer than the skirt itself.

But the panel also gave med a headache. A simple way to take in a too large skirt with a side zipper, is to simply take it in at the side opposite the zipper.
But I couldn't because that was where the pleated panel was.

So I started by removing the pleated panel and hemming its edges (no, I started be removing the chiffon edge from the lining).
Then I took the skirt in the way I usually do, and lastly I attached the panel on top of the skirt.
Needs ironing...

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RanchHouse said...

What a great save. Thanks for sharing. Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

g.satansbraten said...

Without words: Gerlinde, with 'salto' of her eyes ;-) !