Thursday, April 09, 2015

Skirt from a coat

Great coat, but too small.

Jeg var ret vild med farven og strukturen på stoffet, så jeg besluttede mig til at lave noget andet ud af frakken. En nederdel. Jeg var lidt i tvivl om det ville virke.

I cut the bottom off a few cm above the pockets.
I opened the back seam and inserted a zipper.
Lastly I sewed the front parts together and hemmed the top edge.

I wasn't sure if this refashion would work out, but the coat made a nice warm skirt, without being too warm. And I love the skirt's 70s vibe.

Working pockets.

From behind. No it is not slanting, I am.

And this concludes my marathon refashion project of the huge amount of clothes I was given 2 months ago. I has been really nice to be able to update my wardrobe with some items, that has been missing, such as button up shirts, trousers and summer dresses.
Now I should maybe start to think of what to do with the 42 tank tops, short- and longsleeved T-shirts, that I have in my refashion pile.


Eimear Greaney said...

great skirt - lovely colour, well done

Marisa Glied said...

What a great idea!

jenny_o said...

I have been watching your huge number of refashions with fascination and wondering how long you could keep up the pace! Truly amazing! And your refashions are always practical and the instructions are well-written. Thanks for all your work.

jennifer elliott said...

I'm with Jenny_O, I know I can never keep up with your refashion pace! But I would love to see your closet someday -- full of great stuff. I love the skirt.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Amy Jo said...

WOW!!!!! Great skirt! I can hardly believe it was once a skirt. Love that!

g.satansbraten said...

;-) - aehem, I was wondering as well, whether I could romp in with my own stash and get 'some slice of energy' of yours to fight this stash of mine ;-) !
Running out of thumbs (and toes ;-) ) to put up for admiration!!!

Loving greetings,