Saturday, May 09, 2015

Obi Belt up cycled from leftover shirt remnants

Obi Belt from Shirt Remnants
Print out the pattern obibeltpattern (Print at 100% A4)
  • Front material size 22” x 6”
  • Back material size 22” x 6”
  • Interfacing 22” x 6” (Medium weight iron on)
  • Sewing thread
  • Embroidery thread (Optional)
  • Lace pieces (Optional)
  • Ribbon 1” wide by 36” x 2
  • For this Obi Belt I sewed together remnants of shirt materials into one piece of material slightly bigger that the amount required for the front of the belt. (see above or pattern)
  • Iron all of the seams of the newly created material flat.
  • Cut out the printed pattern.
  • Lay the pattern on the fold of the material, pin and cut out.
  • Repeat on the interfacing.
  • Iron the interfacing onto the reverse side of the Obi Belt.
  • Embellish the front of the belt to your requirements. I machine sewed on some small left over lace roses and hand embroidered a few lazy Daises stitches mixed with a random running stitch.
  • Cut out the back section to the belt, again on the fold of the material. For this I used a complete piece of material from the back section of a shirt.
  • Placing the Obi Belt material right side to right side, machine sew along the length of the belt, top and bottom. Leaving the end pieces open.
  • Turn the belt right side out and iron flat.
  • Turn in the ends and insert the ribbon into each end, pin in place.
  • Machine sew around the circumference of the Obi Belt. Remove pins.
The belt is now ready to wear.

More up cycling ideas from the shirt project available online at


jennifer elliott said...

I LOVE THIS BELT! It's so pretty and creative. Great job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

RanchHouse said...

WOW!!! Go to the site for much inspiration.

Mary @ RanchHouse Wednesday EOD

Missy Bonkers said...

Thank you Jennifer and Mary :)