Thursday, July 23, 2015

Maternity shirt to dress

I started with an extra-large maternity shirt I had from when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was obviously huge on my thinner, non-pregnant self, but I loved the stretchy fabric and the black and white patterns, so I hung onto it for years. 

After a bit of experimenting, I decided to make it into a dress. I put it on my dress form and pinned the sides. I thought about making a leather yoke, as you see here, but I couldn't get it to lie right. Also, I wanted to keep the dress washable. In the end, I went for a simple t-shirt top.

I put on a white t-shirt, then the dress, and had my husband carefully pin the two together all the way around. After I sewed the t-shirt to the dress with a stretch stitch, my new dress was all ready.

The cowl neck of the shirt gave me enough fabric for the bust of the dress, so it worked out perfectly. 

Super comfy and machine washable. Win-win!
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jennifer elliott said...

Fantastic job! I love it as a dress.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Saga said...

Very beautiful.