Monday, July 13, 2015

Orange You Glad

This orange and pink dress was so bright and cheerful, I just couldn't pass it up at a recent clothes swap. The down side? It was a wee bit frumpy, and there was a grease stain right between the boobs.

Orange You Glad Dress - Before

I cut off some length, just above the be-dazzled ribbon, and re-hemmed the bottom. I cut a larger neck line and used the scraps to cover the stain with a bib-like panel. I made matching bias tape from the remnants to finish the neck edge. And I used the original hem to stabilize the back in a decorative way, as well as make a couple belt loops on the sides.

Orange You Glad Dress - After

Orange You Glad Dress - After

More details and photos can be found at CarissaKnits!

Orange You Glad Dress - Before & After


Gema said...

That's just gorgeous! I love the criss-cross spaghetti strap back detail! Lovely job :)

Unknown said...

This is so awesome! I love the straps and the bib panel! Awesome job!

Refashion said...

So pretty, I like the back detail

Debbie EOD

Unknown said...

Love it; and live how the hinges on the gate in your last photo look like Saturn at first glance. I thought you had been quirky and painted planets on your fence lol