Wednesday, August 05, 2015

My Jumpsuit Refashion & Bias Binding How To

The charity shop staff had quite a giggle when I excitedly photographed that groovy retro jumpsuit on the rack and were overcome with hilarity when I actually bought it (for only €1 – seriously get to know your charity shop staff, a smile & friendly chat about thrifting can most definitely bring you some awesome deals + a peek through the back room treasure trove!)

That incredible example of 80’s nostalgia was in desperate need of an overhaul:

Here’s how I transformed it + my simple bias binding technique.


RanchHouse said...

I always enjoy seeing your creations. You must be the most creative customer the thrifts have, Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse wednesday EOD

whatthesew said...

What a bargain price for the jumpsuit. Some of the other things in that shop look interesting too.

Accidental Seamstress said...


Confessions of a Refashionista said...

Thanks ladies =O)